2BAMP is a vacuum tube headphone amplifier, centered around the 12AU7 dual triode vacuum tube, with a custom designed printed circuit board.

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DP1 Amplifier

The DP1 is a solid state, high performance headphone amplifier, utilizing the LM4562 operational amplifier for voltage gain and the LME9600 for current gain.


Pitch Plus

Pitch Plus is a project with a team of physical therapists at the Hospital of Pennsylvania. It is a wearable device to monitor the forces experienced in the arm of a Little League baseball pitcher.


In Home & Office Uroflowmetry Device

This is a project with the pediatric urology department at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The device offers patients a way to monitor the flow rate of their urine in their own home, while providing them with live feedback.

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Transimpedance Amplifier

The final project for an Analog Integrated Circuits class, this circuit is intended to be used as the input to an optical receiver. Designed in 600nm CMOS using Cadence.